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House of Worship—New Construction AVL Integration



Fellowship Alliance Chapel’s new Worship Center seats 1,700 worshippers on the main floor and another 500 in the balcony. To fully engage its congregation, the Worship Center leverages the latest in AV technology, including digital signage, LED wall technology, and 4K video. To ensure the finest sound reinforcement, the sanctuary is equipped with WorxAudio line array technology from PreSonus’ Commercial Division while Dante digital media networking technology and QSC’s Q-SYS DSP audio management system form the overall audio infrastructure.

  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration
  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration
  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration

Except for conventional audio cabling from the stage area, the majority of audio is handled via Dante. At the stage area, there are 15 floor pockets for a total of 64 XLR inputs. These inputs feed directly to an Allen & Heath DM64 digital signal processor, which works in tandem with the Allen & Heath DLIVE S7000 digital control surface positioned at FOH. Sure ULXD supply 12 channels of Dante audio to the audio console as well. While the QSC QSYS Core 500 sends and routes all the Dante audio to the speakers and around the campus.

20 WorxAudio X1 2-way, high efficiency, line array elements —10 each for the left and right sides. These two loudspeaker clusters face straight out into the sanctuary. For front fill, there are three WorxAudio X1M 2-way line array enclosures. These are located left – center – righ,t and are positioned in the face of the stage. Under balcony fill is handled by 4 WorxAudio V5M enclosures —evenly distributed across the room width.

Low frequency support is provided by 9 WorxAudio TL118SSi-P high output subwoofers. Three enclosures are positioned underneath the stage while three are flown behind the left main loudspeaker cluster with another three flown behind the right loudspeaker cluster. These subwoofers are positioned for an end-firing array.

Vanguard LED 68 ft x 13 ft curved 4.8 mm LED wall supplies the IMAG, lyrics and images. It is powered by an AnalogWay Ascender 324K event switcher and scaler.

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The May-June 2017 edition of Worship AVL features the intricacies and sophistication of Fellowship Alliance Chapel's new facility —highlighting Horizon AVL's expert work.

A Church on the Rise

by Claudia Kienzle

FELLOWSHIP ALLIANCE CHAPEL (FAC) had a vision of relocating to a new ground-up facility. There is something special about a greenfield project. A completely fresh slate gives a greater opportunity for both the house of worship and its systems integrator to bring an entire vision together, with preparation for future opportunities. Horizon AVL, a full-service systems design and integration firm, found such an opportunity with FAC, a long-time client. The new Medford, New Jersey facility’s infrastructure includes an audio, video and lighting system big enough to host live concerts and events in the centrepiece main sanctuary, which seats 1,700 on the floor and 500 in the balcony.

‘The overarching trend in houses of worship is that churches are really looking forward now from a technology perspective, especially with things like LED wall technology, digital signage, audio networking and 4K video,’ says Horizon AV COO Joshua Kell. ‘This facility really captures all of that, and brings it together into a full system that saved us time and labour on the integration side, while giving the end user a strong foundation to build on for future A/V opportunities.’ General plans have already been outlined for new spaces when expected growth demands.

From the project start, the Horizon AVL team interfaced with Medford-based architectural design firm, Holberg and Adison. ‘We looked at every aspect as the blueprints were drawn and the site was prepped for construction,’ says Mr Kell. ‘First and foremost, we paid special attention to the audio side, as we needed to eliminate the grounding, hum and other issues they were having in the old sanctuary. We quickly turned to video, with the goal of establishing reliable video distribution that would support HD, 4K and beyond.’

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  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration
  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration
  • Horizon AVL - Audio - Video - Lighting Systems & Integration

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